• To provide student/athletes with a positive atmosphere and opportunity to compete at an elite level.
  • To provide the student/athletes a opportunity to progress as individuals and as a team so they may reach their full potential
  • To provide coaches with an opportunity to coach dedicated basketball players at an elite level
  • To promote strong team values and a team first concept
  • To teach the value of hard work
  • To teach respect on and off the court
  • To provide each athlete with the skills and opportunity to succeed


The Winnipeg Wolves have operated since 2006, when they quickly established themselves as an elite program in the province. Wolves founder and Canada Basketball Hall-of-Fame member, Martin Riley, perceived that there was a need to provide a competitive, intense learning opportunity for athletes who were interested in competing at a high level. This was especially true for athletes who were close to being at the provincial level, at the provincial level or aspired to compete at the post-secondary level.


Players are designated as being on the Active Roster-these players have the first choice to play in tournaments or league games (this may be increased depending upon circumstances or need).
The remaining players are designated as being on the Alternate Roster – these players have all the same opportunities as the Active Roster players other than the option of playing in games unless the Active Roster players opt out of games

Ideally 12 players will be allowed to participate in any games (unless circumstances dictate otherwise)…tournaments or league

ALL players are given equal opportunity at practices to develop inside and outside individual skill sets with an emphasis on integrating those skill sets into a team setting
Alternate Roster players could be given the opportunity to move to the Active Roster should any Active Roster player be unable to continue with the team.


It is understood that not every family has the same financial situation and therefore The Wolves have attempted to minimize the costs for everyone. We make every attempt to avoid charging for any of our regular gym practices, but occasionally will charge for gym rental when necessary. Tournaments are paid for on a ‘Pay as you Play’ basis. Only the players going to tournaments will be charged so if any family cannot go they do not pay.

$200 to $500 membership fee (medical supplies, insurance, some coach’s expenses, team functions, permits, etc.)
All players/parents are expected to pay for any extra costs for gym rentals regardless of their son attending
Tournament fees would be paid only by those players/parents who participate in the tournaments
All clothing purchases belong to the players (uniforms, hoodies, etc.). These purchases are not mandatory except for the uniforms

  • League fees are divided by the number of active roster players
  • If any player/parent is unable to pay a payment schedule can be arranged
  • Coaches costs for trips will be divided by the players going on the trip i.e.: hotel room and gas
  • Coaches apparel costs will be divided by the team members

If you are interested in getting involved in the Winnipeg Wolves Basketball program or need information please contact us at winnipegwolves@gmail.com